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Deepak Chopra Net Worth

Deepak Chopra Net Worth

Deepak Chopra, net worth, wiki & biography:

Deepak Chopra is a brand new age guru and an alternative medicine practitioner whose net worth is around $20 million. This owes much to his incredible rise to prominence as a faith healer and alternative medicine practitioner who has spoken concerning the umbilical connection between the mind along with the body. Having bridged the difference between Science, medicine and spiritualism, he has provided responses to many modern life style states which have slowly eroded the heart of spiritualism in the western societies particularly.

Deepak Chopra Net Worth $20 Million

He went on to lay the foundation of the Chopra Center for Well Being along with the neurologist David Simon having regaled scientists and religious heads equally together with the powerful treatise that he has presented on spiritual healing in the modern societal scenario. Right from the University of California to the American Medical Association, all line up to Deepak Chopra to run affiliate systems for their researchers .The Chopra Foundation which came about in 2009 sponsors numerous analysis on spiritual healing a, alternative medicine and instruction.

A prolific writer with numerous publications to his name including several best sellers, his is a name to reckon with in the modern times that has been accepted universally by the west and the east.

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