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David Williams Net Worth

David Williams Net Worth

How rich is David Williams?

David Williams Net Worth:
$8 Million

Source: Wikipedia

David Williams is a sculptor and singer, and an artist who is based in Australia. He has a net worth of $4.5 Million as of March 2012. His sculptures and paintings are used in a variety of locations in Australia.

David Williams Net Worth $4.5 Million

His family profession was sculpting and from a young age he took it up as well. David isn’t a trained singer. David picked up tunes that his grandma hummed. The “Placebo Soup” sculpture made by the native found a buyer in the yearly fundraiser hosted by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. His limited edition art of “Man Eating Shark” raised $800 for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 2010. His new collection was unveiled in the Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane in 2010.

David’s art can be found in galleries across New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Brisbane and Broome. He’s had an exhibit titled “Dayzzz of the Dead”, Brisbane Radio ZZZ at the Inspire Gallery West End. He’s made his millions through his sheer effort and creative thinking. The native is certainly one of the most popular Australian artists and sculptures of our times.

Produced in Rockhampton of Queensland in Australia, the native was raised initially in the New South Wales. He’s a native Australian and his family used to stay in a shack. He’s surely come a long way from there. Austrade has selected David Williams among the artists who’ll represent Australia at world events for artwork and sculpture.

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