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Dave Thomas Net Worth

Dave Thomas Net Worth

Dave Thomas Net Worth $4.2 Billion

American businessman Dave Thomas was best acknowledged as the creator of the fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s.In addition to being the creator, Dave Thomas served as the chief executive officer of the restaurant chain. He was worth $4.2 Billion at his time of departure. At age 69, Thomas expired of carcinoid and neuro endocrine cancer on January 8, 2002. During the period of departure, Wendy’s already had over 600 divisions in Northern America. From 1989 through 2002, he’s appeared in over800 advertisement ads for Wendy’s. In the 1990s, a survey was conducted and it had been discovered that nearly 90% of the American respondents knew who Dave Thomas was, leading led specialists to think he plays an extremely vital part in today’s condition of the eatery. It’s the planet ‘s third most popular hamburger restaurant.

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