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Darren Shahlavi Net Worth

Darren Shahlavi is a well-known performer and martial artist who was born on 5 August 1972 in Stockport, United Kingdom. He loved the judo sports from her youth and needed to be a action hero in the movie after he saw the works of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

He’s worked in movies like Hero’s Blood, Deadly Target, Angel on Fire, Sixty Million Dollar Man, Tai Chi Boxer, Bloodmoon, Summer Storm, The Final Cut, The Survivors Club, Disaster, Alone in the dark, Watchmen, IP Man 2, Pound of Flesh, Kickboxer and tv shows like Merlin’s Appretice, Sanctuary, True Justice, Arrow, Borrealis, Smallville and a lot more.

He’s worked as stuntmen for the films like Occasionally a hero, Beyond the limitations, Postal, Repon Man, The Stranger, Mission Impossible. Yet this hardworkind popular performer expired in 14 January 2015 as well as the cause of death is so far unknown.

Is Darren Shahlavi's Net Worth Deserved?

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