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Dan Brown Net Worth

Dan Brown Net Worth

Dan Brown net worth, wiki & biography:

He’s an American writer whose works are derived from thriller action. His novels include the topics of cryptography, keys, codes, symbols, ambigrams and conspiracy. With only seven books in shops, he’s sold 200 million copies which makes him one of the best selling writer of times. The Robert Langdon show is the seventh greatest selling show of time. He was named by TIME Magazine as among the 100 influential people on the planet in 2005. He was brought up in the exact same town. He studied in Phillips Exeter Academy and graduated from there also.

Dan Brown Net Worth $120 Million

His dad Richard G. Brown was a Mathematics teacher in the same school until 1997. Since his youth, Brown had enthusiastic fascination with ciphers, hints and codes. He jointly with his siblings used to solve anagrams and puzzles to hunt for the presents on special occasions. He grew up surrounded by paradoxical philosophies of science and faith. These motifs eventually formed the backdrop of his novels. After graduating from Phillips Exeter, Brown attended Amherst College, where he was a part of Psi Upsilon fraternity. He played Squash,vocalist in Glee Club. He registered in the art history class at University of Seville in 1985.

After graduation he attempted his hands in the music business. He self produced a kids cassette SynthAnimals.He afterwards created his own recode label Dalliance.He spent several years trying to create himself as a singer songwriter and pianist with only marginal success. In 1993 he determined to return to the New Hampshire and procured a teaching job in English at Phillips Exeter Academy, Blythe followed him. They wed in 1997, at Pea Porridge Pond, near Conway, New Hampshire . Its art was the same ambigram by artist John Langdon which he afterwards used for the novel Angels and Demons.

In 1995 Brown and Blythe composed under the pseudonym Danielle Brown ‘187 Men to Avoid : A guide for the romantically defeated girl’. Although the novel got favorable reviews, it failed to catch on with readers. In 1998, Digital Fortess was released. In 2001 Deceit point was released centered on problems of morality,politics,national security and classified technology.
In 2013, Inferno was released, which saw Langdon following hints related to Dante’s poem The Divine Comedy in an attempts to discontinue release of a plague.

In 2006, A film ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was launched by Columbia Pictures which was based on Brown’s novel. The film starred Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon,it was directed by Ron Howard.
Filmmakers are working on the film adaption of ‘The Lost Symbol’.
He’s on twitter with the username @AuthorDanBrown and has 96.1K followers.
He’s on facebook with his own name.

Dan Brown and his sibs contributed $2.2 million to the Phillips Exeter Academy in 2004 creating the “Richard G. Brown Technology Endowment”, to help “supply computers and high tech gear for pupils in need” to honor their dad, who’d taught there for 35 years. In April 2011, Brown and his wife jointly created Dan ’86 and Blythe scholarship fund so as to supply financial support to the pupils.

* Two thousand years past, we lived in a world of Gods & Goddesses. Now, we live in a world only of gods. Girls in many cultures are stripped of the religious power.
* That’s the definition of religion — recognition of that which we imagine to be accurate, that which we cannot show.
* I consider myself a student of many faiths. The more I learn, the more questions I ‘ve. For me, the religious quest will be a lifelong work.
* “Everything is possible. The impossible only takes longer.”
* “Science and faith will not be at odds. Science is just too young to comprehend.”
* “Guys go to much greater lengths to prevent what they fear than to get what they want.”

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