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Cristy Rice Net Worth

How rich is Cristy Rice?

Cristy Rice Net Worth:
$35 Million

Source: Wikipedia

Cristy rice is an American TV personality born on may 26th 1971, she is now 44 years old , she is a native of Miami but she is of a Latino descendant. She is known for her characters and participation in TV shows in America, aside from that she’s additionally she’s featured in films. She’s a graduate of Florida international university. Cristy is a single mother of three and was formerly wed to NBA player Glen rice, their relationship finished in 2011. The former couples divide over a dispute they had with their $8 million house in Miami, there were reports that her husband physically attacked a guy whom was concealing in Cristy’s cabinet sometime past when there were collectively. As of now Cristy is single and reports of her relationship anyone has not been increased. She will cater for her three kids alone being a single mother. Being a really social man she is constantly keeping up on social media networks like Instagram and twitter. In 2013 there were reports saying she was dating celebrity Jamie Fox, but it was not supported. She’s also starred in films, but she isn’t a frequent or regular performer. She best known for her reputable societal life and participation in social activities. She additionally an entrepreneur and company owner, she possesses a popular boutique based in Miami, the store predominantly sells kids clothes. She also possesses a Trend firm that designs accessories and bikini’s for girls. Besides her character in the Real housewives of Miami she’sn’t featured in any important TV show or film. Cristy is seen to be an extremely exciting, social and fun loving man, when she is not working she tends to have fun with friends or celebration. She’s an athletic body and tends to work out in the fitness center regularly. She is viewed as an extremely hard working person considering the company she handles and being a single mother catering for her three kids. She’s seldom linked to relationship rumours, as being a really active man, a company owner and a mom makes her have less time for relationship. She designs bikinis for women in her fashion business and additionally under wears for women.

Is Cristy Rice's Net Worth Deserved?

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