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Connie Stevens Net Worth

Connie Stevens Net Worth

Connie Stevens net worth, wiki & biography:

It’s been reported the total sum of Connie Stevens net worth reaches $50 million dollars, according to recent calculations. Connie Stevens is now well-known due to her profession as a vocalist and performer. She was born in 1938 in Brooklyn, Ny. In 1953 Connie Stevens moved to live to La, California with her dad. When she was 16 years old, she joined among her first groups, that has been called “The Three Debs”. Along with her beginning into music, Connie Stevens has additionally started her career as an actress. Initially, she got mostly some additional work in playing, yet, she was shortly casted to get a character in “Rock-A-Bye Baby” by Jerry Lewis. Hence, both of these professions finally became the primary sources of Connie Stevens net worth, also.

Connie Stevens Net Worth $50 Million

In the time of 1959-1963 Connie Stevens was appearing on the show called “Hawaiian Eye”, where she was selected to get a part of Cricket Blake. Connie Stevens is also called a former girlfriend of Elvis Presley, whom she dated for quite sometime. In 1958, Connie Stevens released her first music record that has been called “Concetta”. In the span of 1964-1965 Connie Stevens was appearing in a different show called “Wendy and Me”. So, all of those appearances also have raised the general size of Connie Stevens net worth. As well as her appearances on TV shows, Connie Stevens in addition has appeared in a few movies, for example “Back to the Beach” and “Grease 2”.

Additionally, Connie Stevens is also started her own line of make-up which she titled “Forever Spring”. What’s even more is that Connie Stevens has additionally started her own health spa facility. Therefore, this participation has also added up to the total size of Connie Stevens net worth. Connie Stevens can be famous for her private life. She’s been married for 2 times and she’s a mom of a girl named Joely Fisher.

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