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Clareduffy Net Worth

How rich is Clare Duffy?

Clare Duffy Net Worth:
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Profession: Producer

Source: Wikipedia

Clare Duffy is the daughter of Alice Duffy, the performer. Peter Boyle the great performer was Clares Uncle, on her moms side. Her mom was already making a name for herself when she determined to take time off from being an actress and raise three kids. She returned to acting after her kids were grown, and Clare says that the one thing her mom shown to her was that it’s never too late to do what you wish to accomplish in life. Clare graduating from school and with the instruction that would place her on the appropriate courses to begin a career in journalism. She made great use of that instruction. Clare Duffy is the NBC Nightly News Producer. As producer Clare shared in among the eight headliner awards that have been won by NBC. The second place award was granted for a section that aired on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams in the Health and Science reporting classification. The name of the section was Early Warning and the correspondent that covered the report was Mike Taibbi. Clare says that on that morning she’d been on the bus going back to her office after a meeting. She clearly recalls that she was on Fifth Avenue on her way to NBC headquarters at Rockerfeller Center when a passenger declared that the plane had hit among the Twin Towers. She remembers the shock and incredulity shared by her fellow passengers and she recalls seeing the smoke rising from lower Manhattan and understanding that something about her world had altered. She says that when she got off of the bus she did so at a dead run in a hurry to reach her office and begin to work when among the strangers on the bus yelled “you take care”. In Ny it’s uncommon to hear a stranger total anxiety is encouragement and she stills takes the memory of those kind words with her today. When security was breeched at the Newark International Airport in January of 2010 Clare Duffy was found at the center of the turmoil in the airport. Many flights were grounded and when authorities were challenged none of them had an explanation of why they were being delayed.

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