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Christian Hosoi Net Worth

Christian Hosoi Net Worth

How rich is Christian Hosoi?

Christian Hosoi Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

Birth date: October 5, 1967
Birth place: USA
Profession: Actor, Producer
Nationality: American
Spouse: Jennifer Hosoi
Children: James Hosoi, Classic Hosoi, Rhythm Hosoi, Endless Kealoha Hosoi
Parents: Ivan Hosoi
Movies: Hardflip

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Christian Hosoi net worth, wiki & biography:

Christian Hosoi Net Worth $500 Thousand

Nicknamed “Christ” and “Holmes”, Christian Hosoi is an American professional skateboarder who has an estimated net worth of$500 thousand. In 1979, he was sponsored by Powell Peralta as an amateur. At the age of 14, he turned pro with Sims Skateboards. Hosoi emerged as one of the top opponents of vertical riding jointly with professionals like Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lester Kasai, and Mark “Gator” Rogowski. He eventually developed a competition with Tony Hawk with their contrasting styles in both skateboarding and lifestyles. Hosoi is well known for his flair and graceful style while Hawk was raising the bar along with his practical ability and challenging tricks. He devised the Christ Air and Rocker Air, and was famous for pulling huge aerials where at one point he was the world record holder. Vertical skateboarding grew in spectator popularity with prize money to watch. Along with his important sanctions for example Converse, Swatch and Jimmy’Z, as well as receiving a expert model wheel, the OJ II Hosoi Rocket through Santa Cruz Speed Wheels, he got more money than he’d ever dreamed of. Hosoi was considered as one of America’s top 40 skateboarders during the 1980s. He was released on parole in the beginning of June 2004. In 1984, Christian Hosoi formed his own business, Hosoi Skates that was first distributed through Skull Skates afterward through NHS INC. The board became so popular that it had been counterfeited. Christian continued to be a menace despite the emergence of road skating in mid-to-late 1980s. Christian won both the vertical and road competitions in the Lotte Cup competition in Japan in 1989.

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