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Brooke Axtell Net Worth

Brooke Axtell is a survivor who’d confronted the unimaginable at her early age. Then, she was at the age of seven. It was during some time when her mom was hospitalized and he was entrusted by the care of Brooke. Due to the anxiety and shame, she didn’t revealed concerning the mistreatment to her family. When her mom returned to house in the hospital, the cycle of violence was interrupted. As a kid, she was taken to the cellar of the unusual house and was sold into a guy who raped her.

Now, she’s a writer, speaker, in addition to promoter for other sex trafficking survivors. She’s also a manager of Communications and Involvement for Allies From the Captivity that is a nonprofit dedicated to stop the human trafficking. Along with that, she’s also founded the Survivor Healing and Empowerment. This is a therapeutic community for the survivors of abuse, rape, along with sex trafficking. It’s the biggest anti-sexual assault organization in Usa. Along with that, she’s also serving on board of The Refuge that’s a first long term restorative care system for the survivors of child sex trafficking which is situated in Austin, Texas.

Besides that, she’s also published several of her award winning poetry publications and additionally released 3 CDs of the first music to critical acclaim. Brooke Axtell can also be an active user of the social media sites and also to get more info which is related to her private life biography, we are able to follow her on twitter account which is @SurvivorHealing.

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