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Big Time Rush Net Worth

Big Time Rush Net Worth

The stars are in real life musical group of the exact same name. The favorite child show has helped the group reached enormous international success by using their music. All the members had acting experience before landing areas of the Nick show. On season 1 Kendall, James, Carolos and Logan were paid $200,000 each. In 2010 the lads started recording their self titled debut which landed at number 3 on Billboard 200 in it is first week. Three records after Big Time Rush has sold 2 million records globally. In 2013 their net worth jointly is $10 million.

Big Time Rush Net Worth $2 Million

Big Time Rush is on a summer tour marketing their 24/7 record along with Victoria Justice another Nick star. The group is apparently focusing on a 3D documentary in the likes of One Direction’s This Is Us. The film will start filming early 2014.

Is Big Time Rush's Net Worth Deserved?

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