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Big Pun Net Worth

Big Pun Net Worth

Big Pun net worth, wiki & biography:

Christopher Lee Rios, popularly known all around the globe with his stage name Big Punisher or Big Pun in another brief type. Large pun was another eminent person in the hip hop community and was a well-known American rap artist. He was in demand as a result of his astonishing abilities as a rapping musician. Big Pun belongs to Bronx, New York and took arrival on November 10th, 1971. Pun in his youth was quite short tempered and used to reveal his wrath by punching holes in the walls of his house. He actively attended his school and took part in sportsmen every time. But at age 15 he left his house as well as dropped from his high school due to his misdeeds.

Big Pun Net Worth $5 Million

After dropping his high school he revealed his total curiosity about rapping and break dance. It turned out to be a very difficult time for his high as he was homeless and an additional duty took over him. His high became a dad of a kid at an extremely young age after getting into a relationship with his school friend Liza. To beat this anxiety his high has a tendency to eat more and became over weight. The couple got married in 1990 and had two more kids after their wedding.

In 1989, Pun was understood to be a Big Moon Dog. Pun formed a group Total-A-Clips Team as well as his buddies Triple Seis and Cuban Link. Pun used to compose lyrics for the songs of the group. Rios came into connection with Fat Joe and Puerto Rican and began working together on his second record Jealous One’s Envy. Rios appeared on his tune ‘Watch out’. Their powerful camaraderie was the result of the two overgrowing abilities.

Pun for more wealth and popularity determined to join the New York based group Terror Squad, which includes rappers and was created by Fat Joe. Rappers released their first record ‘The Album’ in 1999. This record failed to reach the box office, but it certainly sets up a future for the rest of the rappers to create their own solo projects. This list contains a hit Feeling So Great by Fat Joe also.

Eating more and more was the Pun’s most effective means to defeat his anxiety. During the period of the launch of his second record his weight was 400 pounds. Folks used to say that his weight rose with his success. Fat also joined a diet plan with Duke University in 1999 in North Carolina due to the power of his buddy Fat Joe. But the diet program’s effect stayed for a brief time frame and he again recovered his weight.

It turned out to be a compilation album which featured some of Pun’s hits and some of its unreleased material. This record also topped the Billboard chart, but just made a slight feeling on audience’s head. The Final Chapter, another record featured Fat Joe and Big Pun. His track ‘Get your grind on’ had a hit beginning and that’s with Pun’s radio interview. In 2001, Bronx city intended to rename some part of Rogers Place in the honour of Pun. In 1999, he appeared as a lead character in Urban Menace and White Boyz. It contained interviews and perspectives of various actors, performers, musician, rapper etc. The soundtrack of this was launched through Sony Music.

In 1997, he came up with his first hit I am not a player. This record featured well-known rappers like Wyclef Jean and Busta Rhymes. He then came up with Yeeeah Baby, his second record. It had not been as successful as the first one, but then overly made two solid successes of that time i.e. It is so Difficult and 100%. For this reason it achieved a gold certification in the hip hop community.

Famous Quotations:
“I don’t need to be considered ‘the Latino rapper.”
“I wanna cover more ground, get a larger fan base.”
“I am mainly concentrating now on continuing to make history in Hip Hop, making everybody proud of me, I am not only a rapper now, I am in history now.”
“The first record was 99 percent hard core showing you I was the best rhymer on earth.”

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