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Austin Matelson Net Worth

He could be the native of Woodland Hills, California, Usa. At present, he’s signed to the World Wrestling Entertainment along with he also plays in area of development NXT Wrestling with ring name Judas Devlin. Along with that, he’s also a post rehabilitation fitness specialist.

Austin made his advent in circuits of NWA in the year 2009. He fought on 25th November against Gus Doe and defeat him. He also conquered Cedric Johnson on 6th December of 2009. Then he switched his ring name in W in addition to forms a tag team with M in Ailments. Afterwards, he made his introduction on 1st August in the Bull Bash VI paired with Corey Graves and getting the better of CJ Parker and Briley Pierce. Since August of the year 2012, FCW talents are closed and went to the NXT.

To discuss his private life biography, Austin is dating with his girlfriend but no more details are uncovered about her. Besides that, Austin has reached in the age of 30 and he weights 111 kg. He stands taller in the height of 193 cm. he describes himself as enthusiastic, tight and equivocal. Being a real wrestler, he’s got quite healthy and buff body which seems really hot and sexy. He loves wrestling, gymnastics, yoga, writing, reading, cheerleading at the same time as pilates. Besides that, he is able to likewise be followed in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter report.

Is Austin Matelson's Net Worth Deserved?

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