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Arthur Blessitt Net Worth

How rich is Arthur Blessitt?

Arthur Blessitt Net Worth:
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Birth date: 1940-10-27
Birth place: Greenville, Mississippi, US
Profession: Producer
Children: To Sherry: Gina, Joel, Joy, Joshua, Joseph, Jerusalem, To Denise: Sophia
Parents: Mary Virginia Blessitt, Arthur Blessitt Sr.

Source: Wikipedia

Arthur Blessitt net worth, wiki & biography:

Few Christians can claim to have made such powerful manifestations of religion the manner Arthur Blessit had done it. He could be the guy who carried a cross to every country of the world, including every isle group. Beginning in the late 60s, Blessit began evangelizing to the drug addicts and hookers of California. He began walking with the cross on Christmas day, 1969. The introduction walk was from La to Washington D.C and shortly after he began going abroad with the cross. Though he’s attempting to project an extremely Christian picture with the crosswalks and the evangelistic software, his private life might tell us a different story. He wed his then girlfriend Sherry Anne Simons after dating her for only 3 weeks. Preacher or not, 3 weeks is a fairly brief duration to get married. The union sailed on rather easily for years and together they had six kids. Arthur Blessit continued taking the cross to many states and many of it was videotaped and was described to have been well received. Even a non Christian would understand the bible forbids any form of additional marital relationship and Blessit undoubtedly lost his standing among his Christian co-workers after he got involved with the girl. He eventually divorced Sherry and wed Denise Irja in the year 1990. Many Christians believed that Blessit had sabotaged the standing of evangelists as his activities cannot be warranted in any way. Blessit and Denise afterwards adopted a kid, Sophia and lives in Denver, as of now. Blessit attracted flak from many evangelistic Christians for the quite unChristian manner where he stopped his relationship with his partner. Among the 7 kids he’d with Sherry was handicapped and she’d to visit work, to be able to support the big family. Though most Christians preach powerful family bonds and a bible centric life, Arthur Blessit definitely had no such thoughts. Had he been a great husband and more significantly — had he been a great Christian, he wouldn’t have lost the love of his first partner and 7 kids to wed a model. Arthur Blessit continues to take the cross to distinct parts of the world even now but his priorities are now a matter for discussion among evangelistic Christians all around the globe.

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