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Anna Duritskaya Net Worth

Anna Duritskaya who’s a model was created on 27th November of the year 1991. She’s the native of Kiev, Ukraine. She’s generally known for being the girlfriend of politician Boris Nemtsov with whom she is dating for over two and half years. Anna is now in the age of 23 and she’s an attractive brunette.

In those days, she’d proposed Boris to get a cab however he didn’t needed to and he preferred to walk. Anna is the sole witness who was there at the period of the shooting that happened 100 meters from Kremlin but didn’t seemed to have already been caught on the security cameras.

Besides this, the lovely along with hot model Anna was saying at flat of Nemtsov aide beneath the continuous police guard. She was questioned a great deal about what she saw. She’d left the Russian capital on Monday night for Kiev, Ukraine. Her mom, Inna had said that while being questioned about that night, her daughter Anna had confronted continuous emotional pressure in the authorities of Moscow and she also worries that she is going to be implicated in the death of Boris. Based on Investigation Committee, Anna had signed the witness protocol as well as the confidentiality agreement which is standard procedure in the Russia. While leaving Russia, she had expressed her wish to carry on the co-operation with investigation along with to take part in the on-going investigation if necessary. More facts about her biography may be gotten from Wikipedia along with other internet sites.

Is Anna Duritskaya's Net Worth Deserved?

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