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Andrew Grove Net Worth

How rich is Richard Andrew Grove?

Richard Andrew Grove Net Worth:
$500 Million

Birth date: 1936-09-02
Profession: Director, Writer, Editor
Education: City College of New York, University of California, Berkeley
Spouse: Eva Kastan
Parents: George Gróf, Maria Gróf
Awards: Time's Person of the Year, IEEE Medal of Honor, J J Ebers Award

Source: Wikipedia

Richard Andrew Grove net worth, wiki & biography:

He got really ill at the age of 4 due to scarlet fever which influenced his hearing abilities. In 1944, Germany invaded Hungary and began sending Hungarian Jews to Nazi concentration camps. Under fictitious individuality, Grove and his mom took refuge inside their buddies home while his dad got held up in the concentration camp. Politics interceded his life once more in the name of Hungarian Revolution in 1956. Grove graduated from CCNY in 1960. The couple subsequently relocated to California, where Grove began his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Grove began his career at R&D section in Fairchild Semiconductor, a small business at that time. Grove played a crucial part in the early growth of Integrated circuits. In 1968, he left Fairchild and joined Intel, that was founded by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. Grove was the third worker in Intel. He was named the job of companys manager of engineering, which was shocking to many. Intel began its creation in 1969. The business was mainly producing DRAMs in early 1970s. The firm slowly switched its focus to microprocessors as a result of constant business pressure. Intel successfully collaborated with IBM and Grove played the crucial part in convincing IBM to use just Intel produced microprocessors within their products. In 1979, Andy Grove was named as the companys President. He wrote about his management style in his novel ‘High Output Management (1983). The novel was translated into 11 other languages. He became the CEO of the firm in 1987. Intel continued to grow under his tenure, the increase of Intel was unmatchable. He reinvested part of the companys gain in the R&D section and building new development facilities and laboratories. He was identified as having prostate cancer in 1998. He stepped down as the CEO of the business but continued as the Chairman of Board till 2004. He constantly supported his workers and supervisors to test and try new ideas. He constantly supported new ideas and new innovations. Some of his estimates represent the exact same. With this management style, he played a crucial part in transforming a startup company to multi-billion dollar business. Intel became a household name in every single part of the world. Some of his novels apart from High Output Management are Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices (1967) and One on One with Andy Grove (1987). He’d overall net worth of $400 million dollars.

Is Andrew Grove's Net Worth Deserved?

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