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Andrew Farriss Net Worth

How rich is Andrew Farriss?

Andrew Farriss Net Worth:
$20 Million

Birth date: March 27, 1959
Birth place: Cottesloe, Western Australia, Australia
Profession: Soundtrack, Composer, Music Department
Education: Davidson High School
Nationality: Australian
Spouse: Marlina Neeley
Children: Grace Farriss
Parents: Dennis Farriss, Jill Farriss, Never Tear Us Apart, Need You Tonight, Devil Inside
Siblings: Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss, Alison Farriss, Never Tear Us Apart, Need You Tonight, Devil Inside
Music groups: INXS
TV shows: Rock Star, The List

Source: Wikipedia

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Andrew Farriss net worth, wiki & biography:

Andrew Farriss was born in Western Australia in 1959. He could be a rock musician but well known in playing a keyboard. He could be the principal composer for INXS: an Australian Group. They became buddies but it took some time before they join together for INXS. Initially he played just the keyboard but after sometime he also played guitar. Even if some tunes were composed by other members, he’s composed most of the tunes but some also had been composed by his young brother who’s a drummer in the group. Andrew Farriss collaborated with other groups to compose different tunes and the most famous collaboration was with Jenny Morris who’s a vocalist in New Zealand. They had three kids together. In 2005, INXS began a TV show reality called Rock Star. This can be a global investigation of a fresh lead singer and INXS understood that it can not be possible for replacing Michael Hutchence after he expired in 1997. He wanted he carried on while bringing the music for the world. Farriss is self-conscious and failed to give an excessive amount of criticism for the contestant. Canadian JD Fortune became the victor and the first record they made with him, was called Switch in 2005. In addition of composing for his group, he’s also composed FIREARM, Yindi, Yothu and Jenny Morris and other many musicians. He’s also participated into the Rock Star called INXS. He’s composed many music that became an immediate hit like Original Sin and Need You Tonight. The INXS said that without him, then the group will be unable to do music anymore. He’s lead to some success of the group in the accolades, armloads, world tours, videos and records. He could be the second eldest in Farris brothers and they’d formed their own group before INXS. The group sold more than 30 million records, and a few of them reach number one within four continents . They’d performed more than 4000 live shows for more than 25 million in more than 50 nations. The group isn’t successful just in Australia but also worldwide. All members of the team went together and they spend 10 times, playing in the local resorts, rehearsing and composing the tunes. The name INXS is considered to have already been inspired by XTC an English group.

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