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Andrea Wendel Net Worth

Andrea Wendel is extremely lovely woman prank video star in the internet. She’d filmed a societal experiment a few years back by inquiring the 100 guys for sex along with she sneakily became everyone’s favourite new web crush in procedure. She’s again lost the another video where she goes to problem of chirpsing 100 guys again. She took the roads of the America for outrageous social experiment.

Despite understanding anything concerning the guys, she approached them and asked directly whether she’d have sex together with her. Most of the guys rejected the offer asserting they were already in relationship with their nearest and dearest. However a total of 30 men consented to follow her residence while the other 70made it clear they weren’t interested. It isn’t clear where the footage was just recorded but a few of the YouTube viewers identified the place that it’s around University of California, Santa Barbara campus.

Besides that, Andrea has reached in the age of 20 and she’s a pupil. She also has her very own YouTube channel where she’d more than 60000 subscribers. She’s quite lovely, pretty, capturing in addition to hot with captivating figure that will bring anyone. There’s no news found whether she’s any boyfriend or dating anyone. There’s no further info located that’s related to her biography.

Is Andrea Wendel's Net Worth Deserved?

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