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Andre Rison Net Worth

Andre Rison Net Worth

Andre Rison is among the very famous stars in the NFL. It is often asserted the present approximation of Andre Rison net worth reaches $50,000 dollars. Nevertheless, Andre Rison for the last couple of years got rather infamous when he became one of the sportsmen who promptly go broke following the retirement. But when he left the league and resigned his career, Andre Rison went broke. When he was at the pinnacle of his career, Andre Rison would normally be followed with a team of 40-50 individuals, who helped him in his career. When he belonged to that particular team, his yearly payment was as high as 2.8 million dollars. Along with his career, Andre Rison can also be famous for his personal relationships. Particularly well known is his relationship with Lisa Lopes, who’s a vocalist in the group called TLC. In 1994, it was said that Lisa Lopes combusted his mansion in Atlanta, which was worth about $800,000 dollars.

Andre Rison Net Worth $50,0000

After graduation, Andre Rison was taken to the Michigan State University. In 1989, Andre Rison began playing for the team of Indianapolis Colts. He remained in the team for just one year, nevertheless, he proved to be a great football player. After one year, Andre Rison was traded to the team, where he received the majority of his success and riches, that being the Atlanta Falcons. His playing in this team also added most of monetary success to him and raised the total quantity of Andre Rison net worth, at the same time.

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