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Alexander Machkevitch Net Worth

Alexander Machkevitch Net Worth $2 Billion

A Secret Weapon for Billionaires

He could be the 9th most affluent man in Israel and rated 704th in the list of World Billionaires.

Machkevitch earned his estimated net worth of $2 billion when be built Eurasian Natural Resources Co. (ENRC), a metals and mining empire in Kazakhstan along with associates and longtime billionaire friends Patokh Chodiev and Alijan Ibragimov. In the prior 12 months, shares have lost more than half of the value due to governing concerns where a new chairman is working to ease the relations that the three founders as well as the board have right now.

Known as the “Threesome”, a group of Kazakh businessmen who became billionaires, they took control of privatized chromium, alumina, and gas operations in the nation. ENRC, with headquarters in London, continues to enlarge and has been exploring the sale of international assets. It manages in with various metal assets in Kazakhstan and Africa as well as in Eastern Europe and Africa.

In August 2010, ENRC acquired 50.5% of Camrose Resources Ltd. In September of exactly the same year, it obtained the 50% interest in Bahia Minerals, BV. In December 2012, it made a bid of $550 million for the remaining 49.5% of Camrose that it’s not yet owned. Additionally, it bought out the stake of Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler.

Is Alexander Machkevitch's Net Worth Deserved?

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