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Alex OLoughlin Net Worth

Alex O’Loughlin is an Australian actor, that has played in both Australian along with American films along with TV shows. He was born to the 24thof August, 1976 and in 2015 his present age is 39 years old. His parents have mixed European roots of Greek, Irish and Scottish. Because of this, he needed to confront several difficulties along with his studies and eventually quit school at 14 to work elsewhere.

Alex is a tall guy, who measures a little over 6 feet tall, as his height is all about 185 cm. He’s got an athletic built, and measures about 90 kg, which is beneficial to someone of his built. After coping with his well-being problems, he began to train in the fitness center in the age of 19, and before that proved to be a very slender and skinny man. Now, he’s got great physique, with all toned up muscles, triceps and shoulders, along with 6 pack abs. It’s possible for you to view pictures of his in the media, where he’s revealed himself by going shirtless in several occasions. He does not appear to have any sort of tattoos on his body though.

Regarding his private life, he’s got an inventory of girlfriends he has not been able to conceal form the media. He’s been in about 4 relationships till now, and is presently a married person. He started dating Holly Valance, who’s an actress including a model. The couple started dating from 2005, and was in a living relationship for 4 years before splitting in 2009. Next relationship ended, he was soon seen dating Amber Clayton between 2010 and 2011. The couple got married in 2013, and with only 2 years down the road there’s no news or rumors about their divorce or some kids. Although there have been rumors saying Alex to be sexually homosexual, there’s absolutely no truth or support to the accusations.

He’s starred in over a dozen of pictures along with TV shows to the other side of america and Australia. His work and ability have made him a real fan favorite plus they follow him closely on social networking websites like Twitter and Instagram. Having an estimated net worth about $7 million dollars by 2015, it is possible to read his biography which is for sale in websites like IMDb and Wikipedia.

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