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Alessandro Volta Net Worth

Alessandro Volta who was an Italian physicist, chemist along with a leader of the electric science was created on 18th February of 1745. He was known for creation of the battery in 1980s. He was the native of Como, Duchy of Milan. He was the son of Filippo Volta and wife Donna Maddalena. The next year, he enhanced as well as popularized electrophorus which was a device that generated static electricity. Between the years 177678, he studied chemistry of gases.

Then he became a professor in 1779 of the experimental physics at University of Pavia. It ended up being a seat he inhabited for nearly forty years. The battery made by him is credited as first electrochemical cell. It contains both electrodes, one is made from zinc and other is made from copper.

To discuss his private life biography, he was married to Teresa Peregrini who was an aristocratic lady. He also had three kids from that union, all sons together who were named as Giovanni, Flaminio and Zanino.

Besides that, Volta has expired. His remains were entombed in Camnago Volta. He’d also released his first novel when he was at the age of 24. The novels was printed in 1769 which was titled as De Vi appealing ignis electrici. Additional information about him can even be seen in wikipedia as well as other internet sites.

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