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Albert Einstein Net Worth

Albert Einstein Net Worth

How rich is Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein Net Worth:
$1 Million

Birth date: March 14, 1879
Death date: 1955-04-18, Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Birth place: Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Height:5' 9" (1.75 m)
Profession: Theoretical Physicist, professor, director
Education: ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Polytechnic)
Nationality: German- American
Spouse: Elsa Löwenthal (m. 1919–1936), Mileva Maric (m. 1903–1919)
Children: Eduard Einstein, Lieserl Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein
Parents: Hermann Einstein, Pauline Einstein
Siblings: Maja Einstein
Awards: Barnard Medal (1920), Nobel Prize in Physics (1921), Matteucci Medal (1921), ForMemRS (1921), Copley Medal (1925), Max Planck Medal (1929), Time Person of the Century (1999)

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Albert Einstein net worth, wiki & biography:

“The Next Einstein” — that is the phrase used around the world to complement someone who is actually intelligent. Such was the fame of Albert Einstein, also it stands even today, even after half a century of his passing. Einstein has earned his fame from his astonishing innovations, discoveries and insights. This has been named as one of the most celebrated equations of the modern era. His net worth, post death, comes to some total of $12 Million.

Albert Einstein Net Worth $12 Million

His wealth is a result of the patents and publications on his numerous well known theories. Einstein’s inquisitive approach towards science began after his father showed him pocket compass. Einstein wished to know what’s causing the needle to go. In the age of sixteen, Einstein took the Swiss federal polytechnic test, where he failed to get the qualifying marks. Yet, Einstein performed exceptionally well in Mathematics and Physics.

They had a second son Eduard. After discussing a lengthy courtship, the couple got divorced on 14th February 1919. A couple of years later Einstein married Elsa Lownethal.

On the recommendations of the principal, he finished his secondary education in the Argau Cantonal School. In the age of 17, he got registered as a student in a four year Mathematics and Physics diploma course in the ETH Zurich. In his pursuit for knowledge, he came out with many theories such as the “theory of relativity”, as well as the “quantum theory”, using which, the notions of “particle theory” as well as the movement of molecules was detected.

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