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Afrika Bambaataa Net Worth

Afrika Bambaataa Net Worth

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The renowned DJ and Hip-Hop leader, Afrika Bambaata, has a net worth estimate of $5 million dollars. Born on 19th April 1957, in The Bronx, Afrika Bambaata is nicely acknowledged among the creators of Hip-Hop. He started deejaying in 1970 and after established his Hip-Hop oriented music group known as the ‘African Zulu Nation’. His music interests were diversified from the beginning, and would range from African noises to RnB, ancient, Latin jazz as well as Caribbean Calypso.

Afrika Bambaataa Net Worth $5 Million

Afrika Bambaata is recognized for his never-ending support for the development of Hip-Hop and deejaying, and which earned him the name ‘Master of Records’. He was the first DJ to ever perform break-beats. Because of this, many dominant deejays recognize him as the father of Hip-Hop. Pertinently, he is additionally accredited as the ‘Godfather’ of Electro Funk.

In general, the celebrated Afrika Bambaata is renown for his contribution to the development of the Hip-Hop, Disco, Elecro Funk and House music genres. He’s additionally understood for several of his records including “Planet Rock”, “Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light” and “Sun City”. His involvement in the music industry is what actually contributes to the accumulation of his complete wealth. This ranges from music creation, deejaying and performances.

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