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Adam Cramer Net Worth

Adam Cramer Net Worth

As the owner and operator of Liberty Vintage Bikes, Adam Cramer is a rebel who is found a cause in gathering, assembling and classic bikes. On the very first episode the men at Liberty Vintage Bikes are sensing the heat. Faced with a cut-off notice from your electric company, the team races to finish 1967 Norton Atlas as well as a 1931 Matchless Model X. When they fail, it is game over at Liberty Vintage. In other words, if Adam is able to keep his bevy of misfit workers in line.

Adam Cramer Net Worth $1.2 Million

Classic bikes made their first impression on Adam’s head in a young age when his babysitter (read: youth heartthrob) was swept away by her actual boyfriend on a classic Triumph. With grease-stained skin, a James Dean grin, and an ever present aroma of WD40; it goes without saying that Adam continues to be living, breathing and sleeping classic bikes ever since.

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