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201 Carat CHOPARD “The Most Expensive Watch”

201 Carat CHOPARD “The Most Expensive Watch”

201-carat CHOPARD “The most high-priced Watch”

Chopard is a Swiss-based high-end watch campany that chose its name from Louis-Ulysse Chopard who was the creator of the organization.

That’s a certification for really high degree of quality and nature . Facebook Enjoys 631,616 Twitter Followers 22.8k

History at peek:
In 1920 Chopard moved to Geneva began creation of quality watches.

He was a leader to modernization of the business and added the jewelry section into the Chopard cabinet.

Chopard introduced the Happy Diamonds range in around 1976. Watches featured incredibly high-priced cellular telephone diamonds that floated between crystalline sapphire crystals.

In 1996, after alot of preparation and development, the first Chopard inhouse movement of the late 20th century was created.

Chopard holds three generation sites found in Geneva, Fleurier in Switzerland and Pforzheim ,Germany.

The company is kept in the blood lines . In the 1990s his kids joined the company. Caroline Scheufele his lovely sister is the head of the jewelry department, while Karl Friedrich manages the watchmaking.

$25 million YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!!This incredibly pricey timepiece by Chopard is a 201 carat high-end wristwatch features 874 diamonds.

AMOUNT KIND WEIGHT 1 Heart shaped pink diamond, internally perfect 15.37 carats. 1 Heart shaped blue diamond, VS2 12.79 carats. 1 Heartshaped D colour diamond, perfect 11.36 carats. 3 Pear shaped yellow diamonds 8.45 carats complete. 26 Pear shaped yellow diamonds 17.07 carats complete. 48 8.81 carats complete. 260 Pearshaped D colour diamonds, perfect 60.94 carats complete. 91 round D colour diamonds, perfect 10.29 carats complete. 443 4.95 carats complete

The watch has a spring loaded mechanism which, when pressed, enables the three heart contours to slide away and show the yellow diamond-studded watch face. Yes it’s really worth every bit of its cent!!, this perfect watch is for the love of your life. This is a magnificent small bit . This watch is amazing and uncomplicated time piece that seems like it’s surrounded by petals of blooms.

The brand found limited edition Elton John watches to help the foundation.

Chopard has given to the development of medical research, taken part in distinct non-profit occasions and helped several foundations, such as the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Chopard has always joined forces in fight against AIDS with Sir Elton John who created the foundation in 1993.

The Scheufele family is involved with The Prince Charles of Wales foundation giving classic Chopard pieces as a symbol in their commitment to the Prince’s cause.

Chopard is an Associate of the esteemed Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC), a global not-for-profit organisation that was created to build consumer confidence in the jewelry sector through responsible business practices and quality workmanship . Chopard began a venture supporting WW F’s Tiger Initiative for saving tigers through the world

Mille Miglia:
Chopard has consistently regarded this venture as much over a passive obligation and chopard became the occasion patron of the Mille Miglia race. Dad and son have personally participated annually in the 1000-mile back breaking race.

The venture between the Chopard Company and the Cannes Film Festival began in 1997.

Caroline Scheufele created 60 high jewellery pieces inspired by the stars at Cannes,

In 2002, Chopard became official associate and timekeeper for the occasion, and contains additionally developed a chain of classically inspired sports watches.

Q: If among the large groups needs to purchase Chopard at an enormous premium, what do you want to determine?

Mr Scheufele: It’s occurred already! We’d more than one offer. I requested my kids to make the choice and I’m blessed that my kids rejected the offers. My Children adore Chopard, will not understand how to proceed with the cash, no; there’s no chance of that happening.

Is 201 Carat CHOPARD “The Most Expensive Watch”

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